Hunting Prints

Hunting prints
Hunting Prints

Hunting prints have been a traditional form of British art for centuries. Hunting prints capture something that is both rural and British in the single moment of the image. Caroline Cook is master artist who has a range of striking, attractive hunting prints for sale.
Hunting with hounds dates back many years in British history. Even before the Romans came to Britain in the first century BCE, Celts hunted in Britain using hounds. Once the Romans arrived, they brought new breeds of hounds to hunt as both an entertainment and a means of providing meat for the table. The Romans took this as far as to import breeds of brown hare and fallow deer as stock for hunting, in addition to the mountain hare and wild boar which were native prey for hunting packs. Modern hunting prints are therefore recording something that has been a part of British history for many centuries.
Fox hunting with hounds developed much later. This was first recorded in 1534. Changes to land ownership in the early modern age meant that landowners had begun to enclose their land, fencing it off into private plots. Landowners became much more interested in the profitability of their private land, to which foxes were pest and a challenge. By the seventeenth century, farmers and landlords were training hounds to hunt as packs. Many modern hunts continue in the model of hunts which were established in the seventeenth century, such as the Bilsdale Hunt in Yorkshire which was established by the Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers, in 1668. You might think you have never heard of him, but if you have ever sung the nursery rhyme “Georgie Porgey, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry”, then you were probably singing about the Duke of Buckingham who was known for his party lifestyle and love of hunting.
In rural areas of Britain, hunting remains an important part of the agricultural year, a way of life as well as culture. This is captured in hunting prints. By purchasing original artwork as well as hunting prints, you can appreciate the moments that are part of the way of life for many communities, and a long lasting part of British history.
Hunting prints are available for sale on the main website of Caroline Cook. You can see the range of hunting prints, as well as keep an eye on new artwork by following the links on the website.
The hunting prints are high quality reproductions of original work created by Caroline. They are reproduced with sharp colours which retain the essence and beauty of the original piece at an affordable price. These can be ordered unframed, or a framing service is available via the website. The hunting prints are also available as greetings cards, for a really unique gift to send.
If you are looking for hunting print, Caroline Cook is the artist you need. Click on the links on the website for more information, including details about delivery options. For all other enquiries, please contact Caroline using the details on the website.