Horse Racing Artist

Horse racing artist
Horse Racing Artist

Horse Racing Artist
Caroline Cook is an expert horse racing artist. She is known for her wildlife scenes, but especially as a horse racing artist. As a self taught artist, who has been painting almost since she could hold a brush, Caroline’s horse racing artwork is striking and beautiful.
There is something about the work of a master horse racing artist that demands attention. Of course, there are many artists who specialise in different types of art, and each has a unique beauty. But as a horse racing artist, there are unique challenges which need to be overcome to make a painting that captures the lifelike nature of the horse race.
Being able to paint the horse and rider is just one part. This involves having a detailed understanding of the anatomical makeup of both humans and horses, added to which is the core skill of recreating this on paper. This in itself requires a creative talent to make the pigments recreate delicate colours and shapes.
But a horse racing artist goes beyond this. The moment of horse racing involves capturing not just the anatomical form of the subjects but also the energy encapsulated in the moment in time. The picture needs to look as if the horse is just a moment from jumping off the canvas and racing away into the distance. If the picture lacks this energy and pent up power, then it fails to be eye-catching or capture the essence of the race.
Caroline Cook has years of experience in capturing scenes as a master horse racing artist. Whether you want flat racing, jump racing, or the anticipation of riding out, Caroline has a range of images to suit every taste. Caroline also has a range of dual portraits, capturing the horse as a portrait, imposed over an action image of the horse in motion.
As an expert horse racing artist, Caroline sells original pieces as well as prints. The original images are paintings which were created in acrylics on paper or canvas. These contain the brushstrokes and the texture which adds to the visual experience for the audience. This is an option if you want to own a genuine, original piece of work by a horse racing artist. Another option is to have an original commission made, which is where the picture of your choice can be turned into a stunning piece of horse racing art.
The images are also available as prints. These are reproductions in high quality ink of original images. This is perfect as a gift or for putting on your wall. Whether you prefer to buy an original or a print, the painting can be delivered with or without a frame. There are a range of framing options available to you, from the most simple pine frames, to elaborate, traditional styles of frame.
For more information, you can look on the website, where you will be able to see the new pieces of art, as well as see the range of paintings and greetings cards. For all other enquiries, contact Caroline using the link on the website.