Horse Racing Prints Wellington


Caroline Cook is an artist based in Wellington, and horse racing and equestrian art are her specialty. If you are looking for the perfect horse painting for yourself or a loved one this year, browse our unique range of pieces below.

A British Tradition

Horse racing is a tradition that has been happening in the UK for hundreds of years, and it is a British institution that brings with it thrills and action every single year. Whether it be the grand national, Cheltenham, or smaller horse races; Caroline loves to capture the essence of the race in her artwork and offers a range of stunning prints that any horse racing fan would love.

Capturing a Moment

Caroline works with acrylic paints for all of her pieces, and her horse collection is perhaps the most iconic of her work. The Wellington-based artist not only paints wildlife and pets, but she also creates paintings to commemorate real moments in horseracing history. ‘Kauto Star and Denman’ and ‘Kings of Kempton’ both encapsulate a moment in time and they provide stunning attention to detail, taking a photograph and turning it into the most beautiful piece of realism. All of her horseracing paintings look to show the speed, power, and action of the races and when you take in her work you will feel immersed in the moment itself.

Stunning Horses

Caroline’s horse racing paintings are stunning in many ways, but the most remarkable of all is the detail she uses to bring the horses to life. Horses are majestic creatures, and here she showcases them in their prime as they perform on the race track. From the delicate lines of the fur and sheen on their coat to the power in their muscles; these realistic renderings could be mistaken for photographs when hung on the wall.

A Conversation Piece

If you are looking for a new piece to adorn your wall this year either at home or an establishment; these are the perfect choice. These horse racing prints come in a whole range of styles and sizes to suit any room, and they will become an instant conversation piece when people visit.

The Ideal Gift

Do you know someone who is crazy about horse racing? Consider gifting one of Caroline’s beautiful prints this year and allow them to relive a memory on the track or simply enjoy the artistic nature of the painting.

Commissioned for you

Caroline is able to provide commissioned pieces for those of you who want to capture a specific moment, and even for those of you who own a horse yourself. You can be taken for a photoshoot to capture your animal and Caroline will transform this into a stunning art piece.

Our range of horse racing paintings captures the true nature of horse racing and its brilliance. If you are hoping to bring the magic of the track to your home this year, take a look at the pieces we offer or contact us if you want to discuss a commission.