Dog Paintings Wellington


At Caroline Cook, you will not only be able to enjoy stunning paintings of wildlife and horses, but also man’s best friend; the dog.

As an avid animal lover - Caroline enjoys bringing dogs to life in paint, and her delicate style and stark realism bring something special to this range of paintings. Our selection of dog paintings are a popular choice, and a great idea for a gift for any dog lovers in your life.

We have a stunning range of canine pieces available at the moment, and all of them bring life and vibrance to our furry friends.

The Happy Labradors

Labradors are perhaps one of the most popular dog breeds in Britain, and it is easy to see why. Caroline perfectly captures the innocence and sweetness of these animals in her pieces ‘Watching the Birdie’ and ‘Young Guns’. Both of these pieces perfectly capture the features of dark labradors with white highlights to bring attention to the natural shine of their fur. They also show the kind and easy-going nature of this dog breed, with ‘Young Guns’ demonstrating their famous winning smiles.

The Springer Spaniel

Anyone who owns an English Springer Spaniel knows that the name is no coincidence, and Caroline’s piece ‘Making a Splash’ perfectly encapsulates the crazy and energetic nature of this breed. The remarkable thing about this piece, in particular, is her use of white to create water splashing which brings a whole new tone of realism to her art.

The Gentle Whippets

Whippets are a notoriously affectionate and timid breed, and here Caroline celebrates these slender canines perfectly in a series of paintings. One which perhaps best brings this beautiful breed to life is ‘I Love Whippets’ which features two of these dogs on a bed, making the shape of a heart with their bodies. For anyone who owns a Whippet, this is the perfect gift.

Action Shots

As well as posed paintings of these dogs sitting down or lying down; Caroline also has a range of paintings that capture those active moments of our canine friends. ‘Mutts on a Mission’ for example shows three dogs sprinting through a field, and pieces like this really bring the subject to life and show stunning detail.

Make it your own

As well as the collection of dog paintings we have here, Caroline is also able to take commissions. If you would like to see your own dog brought to life in acrylic, you will be able to bring your dog, horse, or other pet for a photoshoot where our team will capture your pet and Caroline can then get to work. And don’t worry; if the painting isn’t quite what you hoped for Caroline is happy to repaint it until you are happy.

If you want to bring some canine magic into your home this year or you are looking for gift ideas for your friends or family, these dog paintings from Wellington are the perfect choice and will be the perfect finishing touch to any room.