Wild Life Paintings Wellington


Caroline Cook has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush, and her main subject matter is that of animals. If you are in search of a stunning piece of art to adorn your home or business premises this year, our range of professional paintings is a great choice.

Our paintings all look to capture the beauty of nature and its peaceful atmosphere. Combining light brush strokes and a freestyle while retaining attention to detail - these animal paintings are perfect for display in any home.

Celebrating British Wildlife

One of the best parts of the United Kingdom is the many beautiful creatures that live here in the wild. Caroline Cook celebrates all British Wildlife and puts a big focus on capturing her subjects in their natural habits to enhance the beauty of her creations. From the endangered red squirrel to the iconic red deer; Caroline has a range of pieces that celebrate all that is beautiful about the British countryside.

Enjoy tranquil pieces such as ‘In The Long Grass’ which features a Brown Hare in long grass looking off into the distance. Or perhaps look towards an action-packed piece such as ‘A Near Miss’ which depicts a Red Fox hunting and pouncing in the air after a British Pheasant. These quintessentially British pieces celebrate the natural wonder of wildlife in this country as well as the beauty of the British countryside.

Further afield

As well as a focus on British Wildlife, Caroline has also journeyed further afield to take on projects such as Meerkats - and she will likely add more to her collection in the coming years.

Realism in oil

Caroline’s shrewd use of paint allows her to explore the free and soft nature of many of the most beautiful British creatures, but her attention to detail also brings soul and life to every one of her creations. While browsing this collection of paintings, you will notice the care and attention taken in every piece which ensures the main subject and the background of the piece show realism in their greatest form.

Framed for you

Caroline offers her original paintings either on their own or framed per your request. This means that if you want to display your piece at home you have the option of choosing a frame yourself or the convenience of having it done for you. You can also order smaller prints of all pieces which can make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

This Wellington-based artist has been painting for her entire life and now you get to share in her passion and gain a stunning piece of artwork to hang on your wall. If you are in the Wellington area, you may even see her at local art exhibitions or events.

To bring a dose of the British countryside into your home or business premises this year, consider browsing our range of stunning pieces that capture the life, tranquility, and unique charm of British animals, as well as those further afield such as Meerkats.