Equestrian Postcards Welli

Equestrian Postcards Wellington

Equestrian Postcards Wellington

Equestrian Postcards For The Horse Lover In Your Life

If you are looking for a gift for a friend or a family member who loves horses, then Caroline Cook’s beautiful equestrian prints are a fantastic option.

But for the horse lover that you need to drop a postcard to, we have a range of stunning equestrian images in postcard form just for you.

There is a wide range of different options to choose from, including, calming scenes of horses set in gorgeous landscapes, fine art equestrian portraits of amazing animals, or action paintings of horses in full gallop. There is something for everyone.

Horses In Action

If you are looking for the best Equestrian postcards Wellington has on offer, Caroline Cook’s beautiful selection of artworks will not disappoint.

Horses are beautiful, majestic animals. Horses are at their most amazing when they are in motion. Whether you are a fan of horse racing, a rider, a horse admirer, or an animal lover in general, these postcards of horses in action are as beautiful as they are powerful.

Equestrian Portraits
If you want to admire the true natural beauty found in horses, then why not do this with an equestrian portrait postcard?

With the fine elegance of these beautiful equestrian portraits in postcard form, it will be hard to not appreciate the skills of the artist and the true wonder of nature found in these amazing animals.

About the Artist

Wellington, Somerset based, equestrian artist, Caroline Cook is a well-known animal painter specialising in creating the finest horse paintings.

Ever since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush, Caroline Cook has been perfecting her skills. Her self-taught painting style has been developed over many years and has grown in tandem with her love of animals and nature.

Her beautiful and evocative paintings capture really mood, light, and action. The animals she paints retain their full accuracy and attention to detail, meaning that they are lifelike in every way.

Caroline Cook is available to paint fully bespoke and original pieces of animal artwork for commission based on your choice of images.

In addition to equestrian portraits and action paintings, she is able to provide artwork of dogs, cats, farm animals, wildlife, sporting paintings, children's portraits and landscapes.

She is able to work from your photos, or can take photos as a basis of the painting herself.

Equestrian Postcards Wellington

Browse the stunning selection of beautifully painted equestrian postcards by Wellington artist Caroline Cook.

With a vast and growing range of beautiful paintings all available in postcard print format, there is a selection to suit everyone’s tastes.

Whether you are buying these beautiful artworks to post to friends and family, or even to frame and display in your home, you will easily appreciate the craft of the artist that has painted them. It may also be hard not to wonder in amazement at the world that brings these amazing creatures to life.

Be sure and check out the full range of equestrian postcards today.