Animal Portraits Wellington


If you are looking for animal prints portraits in Wellington then look no further as we have the best hand painted portraits you could want whether it be for yourself in your home or as a present these will be perfect. Caroline Cook has been painting since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush. It is a massive passion and she gets her inspiration from anywhere and is an animal artist mainly and is based in Wellington, Somerset. She is mostly known for her amazing equestrian paintings but does lots of other animals too. Caroline is completely self taught making these paintings unique to her and she has been perfecting her skills and designing and creating the most beautiful paintings of animals in all their natural beauty and surroundings.

All of Carolines animal portraits show amazing attention to detail and capture them in the most beautiful of environments whether they are stationary or in motion. There are multiple options for you to choose from for animal portraits whether it be her more recognised horse paintings to her beautiful dog paintings there are all sorts of portraits for you to choose from. Can’t choose though? Then look into Caroline’s commissions she offers and have an animal portrait of your very own animal, you can supply her with a photo or she can set up a photoshoot for you, then she will create your very own portrait of your animal.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves animals then Caroline’s collection of prints is going to be perfect for you because of the amount of different animals she has to offer you can choose from horses, wildlife, dogs, and hunting and equestrian prints. If you are looking for original paintings then they are also available and reasonably priced for an original again with the same amount of options to choose from. They are such beautiful paintings which capture the purity of the animals and the environment in the painting. Caroline catches the motion of the environment and the animals perfectly so they look like they are moving on the canvas. They are truly stunning and painted to the highest quality.

Because Caroline has such a diverse portfolio of animal portraits no matter the type of painting you like whether it be of just the animal or the animal in its natural environment there are all types of painting for you to make the centerpiece in any room or please the avid animal lover with these paintings as a gift. The care and attention that goes into every stroke can be seen in eact portrait and the care in the service you receive when purchasing one is just the same as we make sure we frame your portrait and make it perfect, if you want some other framing we also offer a framing service which you can get a quote for should you want to have it framed in a specific frame you like.

Get in touch or browse the website today to get your perfect animal portrait in wellington all reasonably priced and made with the utmost love and care.