Horse Art Paintings Somerset

Horse Art Paintings Somerset

There’s always more you can do to liven up your living spaces with art that demands everyone’s attention. My horse art paintings convey action and movement, while retaining that fidelity to the subject, making them feel real and authentic. If you’re a lover of horses and you want to display that love with pride, this offers you the ideal way to do that in your own home. There’s no reason why can’t improve the style of the room and display your love of horses at the same time.

These vibrant and visually appealing paintings are created by hand in Somerset, and each one is created with the same care and attention as every other. When you buy from me, you know that you’re buying a work of art that’s had plenty of love and attention poured into it, as well as many own love of the subject matter. It’s something I’m passionate about and I aim to convey that passion in the paintings.

There are so many equine scenes available in my store, so be sure to browse them all and decide which one is right for your space. I enjoy capturing horses in all kinds of poses and situations when I’m painting, and paying attention to the details is something that has always been very important to me indeed. The unique work of art you buy will be a one of a kind and definitely worth pride of place on your wall.

It’s not just in your home that this kind of art can have a big impact. It can be just as impactful and visually pleasing if you choose to hang it in your place of work for colleagues or employees to enjoy too. There are so many places where this art will have an impact and show off your love of nature and animals, so get creative and find the place where you think it fits best of all.

Each scene has its own essence and its own unique feeling; this is what makes me excited to carry on creating horse art paintings for customers like you. When I start painting, the essence of the piece carries me forward and I get lost in the scene until it’s finally completed and ready to be added to my store where people like you can appreciate it.

I’m always happy to answer questions from customers and even talk about commissions if there’s something in particular that you’re looking for and you like the style of art that I create. If you know what you want and you think I could help you to achieve it, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss this in more detail and take things from there.

I work with acrylics, canvas and paper, and I can even work from a photograph to create something specific that you’re looking for. My aim is always to satisfy the needs of the customer, so I’ll be keen to listen to what you want and take things forward to help you achieve the art you want in your home or place of work.